Moonglow Pulik is a small breeder of show quality and companion Puli.

We are located in the peaceful countryside of the Middletown-Myersville region in Frederick County Maryland.

We are dedicated to the betterment of the Puli breed and the breeders before us who have produced these bloodlines.  We are committed to uphold the AKC Breed Standard to which these dogs were bred and produced.

We strive to protect and preserve the attributes of the breed as we look to the next generation, always with an eye toward improvement; we hold ourselves accountable to that responsibility. 

 We breed to produce our next generation of show dogs.   Even though they are successful show dogs, our dogs are part of our family; they are loving pets, and they enjoy day to day life in our home. 

Our Puli puppies have been properly socialized and are exposed from day one, to all the sights and sounds of day to day life, both at home and in public.  Our Puli puppies are placed in wonderful life long pet homes as well as show homes.

  Owning a Puli is a lifetime commitment; the average  life span of the Puli is 12 to 15 years. 

As written in the Breed Standard:  The Puli is a compact, square appearing, well balanced dog of medium size. He is vigorous, alert and active.

Striking and highly characteristic is the shaggy coat which, combined with his light-footed, distinctive movement, has fitted him for the strenuous work of herding flocks on the plains of Hungary.

Agility, combined with soundness of mind and body, is of prime importance for the proper fulfillment of this centuries-old task.

By nature an affectionate, intelligent and home-loving companion, the Puli is sensibly suspicious and therefore an excellent watchdog.  However, Extreme timidity or shyness are serious faults.

You can read the full Breed Standard at:


Please visit our contact page to inquire about future litters and our waiting list. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Puli Puppies

Puli Puppies


Please contact us if you  would like to be considered for a Puli puppy

From a future litter.

We will be happy to send you our user friendly puppy questionnaire.

Approved homes will be placed on our waiting list for our next litter.

Pictured below are the puppies from our most recent litter,

Now enjoying life with their new families!

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Our “Zoe”, CH Bubbleton the Beautiful Sinner produced six Puli Puppies on April 19, 2018.

The sire, CH Bubbleton Thunderstruck took Best of Breed and the Dam, CH Bubbleton the Beautiful Sinner took Best of Opposite sex at Westminster Kennel Club In New York this past February 12, 2018.

We breed for the sole purpose of improving the breed to produce healthy, sound puppies that will bring many years of joy and happiness to their families.

Our dogs are health tested for Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Elbows and DM (degenerative myelopathy).  Their eyes are checked by a board certified canine ophthalmologist for eye disorders.

We do our very best to ensure the best possible homes for the sweet Puppies we bring into this world.  All potential homes are screened to ensure the best match for new owners and their new puppy family member.  Pet puppies are sold with a spay or neuter contract.


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